Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congolese People in love with One South African Woman

‘…not a polyandry talk but our deep appreciation’ says FOCAS Executive Director, Serge Mubuilu.

Yesterday, the Congolese community led by the Forum of the Congolese Organizations in South Africa (FOCAS) walked the streets of Yeoville to raise awareness about prejudice and violation of Human Rights perpetrated by militia and neighbouring countries’ armies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and used the occasion to praise the Judge Navanethem Pillay’s Mapping Report which clearly indicates that DRC’s neighbours are extremely implicated in destabilising the East Congo.

Personally, I would wish that this be the starting of a new era of public awareness and truth about the situation in the Eastern DRC where violations of Human Rights have been so severe than in any other region in the world. Despite independent reports arguing that there has been bigger genocide in Eastern DRC than that of Tutsi in Rwanda - nobody really cares?

It is not a secret that geopolitics and greediness of multinationals are pulling strings in the situation in DRC and International media agencies, international organisations on Human Rights and the Africa Union have been all passive to atrocities happening at date in what they call ‘the forgotten war’.

I have no doubt that the deep hope of poor dispersed, killed or enslaved young men, women and children in the East is to see more alignment under Pillay’s courage foot-prints.

May be the time has arrived to galvanise the whole Congolese civil society in perspective of presidential election next year. May be this is the time to take action and support those who dare to speak and expose the truth.

A woman gave us Jesus…a woman may be showing us the way to courage.

Here FOCAS Press Release:
All the Congolese People in love with One South African woman

On the 4th of January, Congolese people remember those of them who lost their lives for independence which should have triggered the advent of an economic justice different from the colonial economy of exploitation which caused the death of about Eight millions Congolese. After 50 year of independence, the Martyrs’ day was a double event that added on the commemoration of the martyrs of independence all the martyrs of Justice and victims of Human Rights violence, (Patrice Emery Lumumba, Floribert TShebeya,…,) atrocities, massacres and Genocide of the Congolese people that has happened in the country since 1993 up to date .

Many Congolese and other Congo friends joined the barefoot march convened by the Forum of the Congolese Organizations in South Africa (FOCAS) along Rocky Street in Yeoville to commemorate the double event and demand Justice.

Mr. Serge Mubilulu, the Executive Director of the Forum indicated that the barefoot march was organized to protest against genocide that is ongoing in their country and to demand the trial of perpetrators. We are determined to claim Justice for Congolese people and we want the all world to be aware of the genocide that happened in the DRC and therefore be actively involved in the justice process in the DRC, he said. We all love Judge Navanethem Pillay and thank our fellow African sister, a South African Mama who fought apartheid, for resisting different pressures from our enemies and publishing the UN mapping report that has laid an unyielding foundation of the justice process in the DRC, he added.

In fact, last year in August French media(Le Monde) published a draft of the UN mapping report which accused Rwanda of committing genocide in the DRC and many neighboring countries’ armies, rebel groups and individuals in the DRC of perpetrating grave human rights violations and massacres in the DRC.

Later, in October last year, after many pressures from Rwanda and Kagame’s friends, the final report was published with changes uttering that crimes were committed and if investigated by an appropriate court, those massacres could be tantamount to Genocide.

Taking that report as a strategic instrument of struggle for justice, the Congolese people are grateful to the South African woman who published it.

Mr. Bakengeshi Twendele, the Executive Secretary of FOCAS revealed that arrangements are on track to award human rights defender prize to Navanethem Pillay the South African woman loved by all the Congolese.--//

Pillay's act may be a drop in ocean but joining positive action from each individual Congolese or non Congolese wanting to see change in Eastern DRC will make the differnce. It is sad though that FOCAS website is not operational. Hopefully they will get it back on track to lead those who care.

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