Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A cousin in the White House

Hey! Overwhelming joy.

What matter the most for me is the symbolism of this victory. First for black Americans and secondly for the USA image (dream country). Black Americans votes alone wouldn't be enough to obtain this victory. This is a sign of a new colour blind patriotism in USA. Someone had A DREAM!!!
I remembered this morning about so many movies I've watched about Black American struggles.-
I remember the vibe of hope and perseverance I always sang in negro-spiritual at church and in my lovely choir;-
I remembered about the history of Black families along Mississippi river I've watch few weeks ago and
I remembered to send an sms to a close girl friend of mine from Alabama when Obama finished his acceptance speech this morning. She responded "Thanks Adam! I cried my hardest on this unimaginable day."

I had tears and not ashamed to confess that I cried. I see in what happening today the dream of slaves, activists and forefather becoming truth. So touched seeing Jessie Jackson and Oprah on tears -really this means alot to them.

So far, the credit of this election for me is that white American have shown the world that they refuse to juge based on the colour of candidates; Americans youth have realised that from now on, they have a say in American politics; and more unimaginable, a young black American in Harlem can realise today that anything is possible.

I hope this helps us all. At work place, relationship and career wise. Let not juge by the colour of skin.

Much love

Monday, February 18, 2008

Almost Got It

After a long silence radio which wasn’t Eskom fault, I still cannot say that I am now back on the blogosphere. Really, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring on my desk and how my schedule will acclimate.
Nevertheless, blogging is not a matter of six paragraphs and more; two phrases are enough to keep you present in your e-community chat. Hoof! At least, I got this Roy B. lesson.
So; what did I miss? Read my next post.