Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is your Leadership Philosophy? Here is mine

I have been facing this question lately that I thought once for all to write up a short blog and share it with you. My hope is that as you read through you can think and refine yours and why not share with me what you think should really matter when defining ones’ leadership style.

I understand leadership philosophy as a set of personal rules that guide me in my career and social life. These are principles I work to consistently live out.

Prior to considering any job title, or social etiquette, I have come to the realisation that I am at first a creation of God before being a leader. So, the backdrop of my philosophy to leading others is inspired by my faith in God and purpose of life as walking with Christ Jesus.

Having said that, above all I strive to seek peace and love either at my work place or in my household. I have been a witness to how love can bring the best out of people and how it does drive to go extra mile. Relax! I'm not preaching:)…my working principles are as follow:
  1. Fairness and respect - I treat others the way I want to be treated
  2. Hardworking - I set the example and I expect others to do the same
  3. Development - I commit to help others grow, develop and realise their potential
  4. Accountability - I expect others to do what they say.  They can count on me to do the same
  5. Team Player - I do not know everything -  I will listen to others and work together for a greater outcome
  6. Excellence—I will pursue excellence (not perfection). I expect others to do their very best
  7. Discipline - Every action has a consequence – I will forgive but discipline must take its course 
  8. Positive Attitude—I will bring a positive attitude and I expect others to do the same
  9. Communication - I will provide regular feedback that is direct and constructive relative to our needs.  I expect my partner and co-worker to do the same for me
  10. Fun – I enjoy what I sign for. I expect others to do the same or resign

It is fact that there are many types or styles of leadership. Yet, the objective is to define the rules that guides you in delivering the best for everyone, yourself and the entreprise you are undertaking.

Leadership is not a privilege but a responsibility. Maturity is a privilege that makes you accept your responsibilities, and fun allows you to fulfil them with ease – says me:)

Looking forward to reading about your leadership style