Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Training 12 disciples

This is not a discussion on Jesus’ disciples as described in the Bible. Rather, few sentences in thanksgiving to a group of twelve attendants of the World of Work training 2007 for their inputs and contributions to my education.
Thanks first to Jean Power, Dr. Susan Van Zil and Lesley Emmanuel for this initiative. I have learned a lot from each and every one of you guys. Without using long sentences, I would like just to give some essential points which according to me have characterised each of you.
From Susan Arthur (http://susanarthur.blogspot.com/) I have learned this three facts; Keep quiet, observe and speak…is not that the Emotional Intelligence?...Thanks Sue // Choose your attitude: That is Susan Mwangi (http://susanwamwangi.blogspot.com) as she knew how to give every morning a greeting as warm as a cup of coffee // Think-a-lot; that is Maxwell (http://maxwellnyamajiwa.blogspot.com/). He digs so deep that it was difficult for me sometime to get his point…I have started to exercise myself…Thanks Maxwell // You want to talk business, speak to Beauty Katongo (http://beautykatongo.blogspot.com/). She dreams of running a tourism business. I can’t doubt that she will finally make it one day // There is nobody who gave comment on blogs as many time as Ijeoma did. She deserves to be nominated as the best attendant this year. She gave us the courage to carry on blogging. Always enthusiastic, she was so humble to clear our coffee table…Thanks Ije (http://ijeomaublogcreativity.blogspot.com/) // What can I say about ‘Professor’. That’s Mbuso’s nickname as he is always busy in the lab. I find him always typing at computer at such extent that I often felt guilty of not working enough. He made me cancelled some of my lunch-times for extra work. What a commitment Mbuso! (http://mbuso.blogspot.com/) // I have been told about frankness by Bruce (http://nkodi.blogspot.com/). Go in his blog and you will realise that he writes without any complex // It was my first time to be with a PhD in class and I have realised that they still emotionally operational after so much readings. They sharm a lot, may be is that their philosophy…Merci Thomas (http://thblaser.blogspot.com/) // He calls his blog the Bulgarian Stallion. It is not about Hollywood and boxing hobbies. I never see someone so passionate about soccer and committed to learn about others’ culture. Thanks Valentin (http://valentintassev.blogspot.com/) for all bills of cups of coffee you have payed for us // Thanks to Wanjiku, she was of really help during debates. I am sorry that she had a class of lovely and traditional African men who stood against any argument toward a so called "blind- modernism". Peers knows what I am talking about…Aksanti Wanji // I have learn about being Patriotic from Temy (http://temiadewunmi.blogspot.com/) as he always speaks positively and passionately about is country Nigeria… He doesn’t think just about money and graphics, very strange for an engineer; thanks bro // Finally Mr. Lovemore Mbingi guess at the Friday ceremony confirmed Temba’s theory of “Breaking the rules” he suggested to all to never lose focus and get impressed by the boss. Thanks Temba (http://thembanyanza.blogspot.com/). I have learned to pay the price and stand for what I believe.