Thursday, January 7, 2010

It sounds like another joke!

President Obama wins the Nobel Prize for peace and President Kagame of Rwanda listed by Time Magazine and Financial Times among 50’s most influent people in the planet.

Nationally, Yes They Can! But internationally we still wait for results of their pretended actions.

For the fact, President Kagame as well as President Kabila’s army has been implicated by many reports in the ongoing rape of women and men in the Eastern Democratic republic of Congo. And Kagame’s support to rebels especially General Nkunda has destabilised the great lake region causing millions of displaced and casualties. This situation has led to illegal trafficking and exploitation of minerals from the Eastern of the DR Congo by its neighbouring countries.

As Africans, we should all work for a collective peace and prosperity. Peace in one country will still fragile until neighbours are stable…let learn all from history.

So, Citizen of the world…I will disapprove this time again recognition from a global publication