Monday, May 22, 2017

A Forum that Sticks; C'est Congolestic

In this century, social, economic and political life has undergone an unprecedented upheaval: the emergence of a new economy emerging from the new information and communication technologies is undoubtedly a predominant feature of the period in which we live .

The originality of the Internet and the new information and communication technologies (ICT) lies in the fact that it affects all fields, all sectors and more generally everyone. The scope of use of these new technologies is as wide as any other technology can measure.

The rise of information and communication technologies (ICTs) signals and accompanies a profound transformation of societies and therefore plays a major role in development in the 21st century.

However, the use of ICTs in Africa and particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains sporadic, with no clear direction, almost nonexistent or even controversial.

More, my personal experience of interacting at and in regional and international ICT gatherings is that of a lack of representation or contribution thereof of DRC stakeholders' positions either on policy or draft declaration. Worst, the Congo appears only in 1/4 research studies' index published on the continent.

Taking these into consideration, I founded in 2015 what I called: CONGOLESTIC (LES CONGOLAIS ET LES TECHNOLOGIES DE L’INFORMATION ET DE LA COMMUNICATION) to work to improve and make accessible ICTs to the population as well as to the different sectors of the economic, social and political life.

Logo: I came up with a French neologism:) C'est "Congolestic"! Adjectif enunciates Authentic Congolese exchange between primitive communication the "lokole" and that of modern data the "download". This, with a plus of better search engime optimisation results. I won't be surprised to see Africa following with: i.e: Togolestic, Rwandalestic, Mauritiuslestic, Burundilestic ...:) 

This project will have particular interest in seeking collaboration with African institutions and global dissemination of draft laws on technology, the position and contribution of the DR Congo to the international discussions on ICT as well as trends on new technologies for the actors Civil society and the public.

Do you know of DR Congolese with expertise in technologies of information, based in Congo or abroad? We will be very grateful to connect to him. Drop us an email to or DM us on social platforms. This is our website:

Feel free to contribute to our discussions. Your inputs are welcome.