Friday, March 9, 2012

A Picture that #Kony2012 Video Does Not Show

Do not just like a craft…know more, learn about the author.
A lot has been said about #Kony2012 trending video by Jason Russell (of Invisible Children, NGO apparently ‘raising awareness’ about crimes committed by  the rebel Joseph Kony. One view that stands for me is that we should be careful before supporting such a view in the video. What are real intentions??? Nowadays, those who born in conflict zone in Africa, especially the great lakes region have learnt to be cautious of such good and soul moving content. I prefer not to say much, I recommend you to read two Ugandan bloggers; Javie, an activist and Maureen, a ‘visible child’ as she put it herself. END comment: This is a picture of Jason Russell and friends…the activist claiming to care about children in Uganda more than his fame.