Friday, October 19, 2007

The 419 man

Rey Mysterio is the 619, Nelson Mandela got his 46664 and the Bible tells us about the 666 beast’s number or Lucifer in person. But who is the 419?

With new technologies, frauds and scams have become daily occupation for computer genius and those who can use at least their creative intelligence. In order to apprehend those who infringe laws and unveiled scams in time; the Nigerian police uses the number code 419 to qualify people involved in scam via internet.

Personally, when I can’t check my mails at Wits I do it in my suburb area Rosettenville and can then realise how people around the world are harassed through web mails.
When you and I are busy with our daily work, there are people somewhere in cybercafé also devoted to a dirty job of sending out mails in call for compassion. Most of them are Nigerian. Their prayer is to have your ears and eyes so that they reach your heart and empty your wallet. These guys are very good in persuasion. I often sat next to them but I never know that they were 419. But, always wondering what they were doing in cybercafé day-long, I have noticed that they use web engines technically called “extractors” to collect your and my e-mail address. It’s sad to see that there are people who have chosen as job to trap vulnerable innocents and rob their savings days after days. For my concern I have restrained my action on the internet. I don’t open spam; I don’t read forwarded messages and don’t subscribe to activities such as dating on line. Trust me, this people are very good. Specialists say that due to high rate of unemployment in their country, most of them are Nigerian, very clever and intelligent people. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait to be victim before you take actions.

I would remind you that your eyes are doors to your heart and your ears windows to your soul. Both heart and soul are masters over your wallet. Believe me; if you give them a chance, they wont let it down till they make you become a Mugu. Good luck

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