Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Global Warning

Everything has become unstable. Apparently the human kind living on earth still confident on his modern, upgraded technologies and projections.

Irresistible; -Gordon Brown got his investiture feet under water. End of July, England (UK) was under flood for one week. Weather previsions did help less as things were overpowering.

Immensurable;-This is not a crisis says the SA’s government. Thousands of Zimbabweans are crossing the border running away from Mugabe’s deadly politic. Musina is overloaded. The fact is that social welfare, health system and people’s safeness will soon face this storm. Mbeki never planned that uncle Bob would become a delay bomb.

Unpredictable; - Baghdad City (IRAK) brings more and more to our memories Stalingrad during the First World War. Blasts happen anytime-anywhere and buildings are ruined. US-Marines show inefficiencies and things have turned wrong. Unwillingly, Bush may have to recall his troops if the senate decides so in coming days. Then what will happen is that Iraqis will be left to the mercy of extremists of both sides.

Irremediable; - All green pasture looked white during the month of June in Lesotho. Everything has frozen and now the draught season stands a shortage of maize.

Ineluctably, a concerted action will always be needed in order to address environmental, socio-economic or political issues. Despite modern technologies, military strategies and political calculations things are overwhelming us. It is with our disappointment that there still adepts of solo galloping. As example, E-TV’s 7pm news’ open-line on the 2nd of August attested that 65% of seven thousand people who expressed their views called for no government action in favor of illegal ZIM immigrants. Shame! We are still not getting it right.


Susan Arthur said...

Yes, Adam, the world is going through some strange times, and people still don't really make a concerted effort to change their ways/ make a difference with regard to climate change, political change, unless it really affects them. But we can all ask ourselves, what small things can we do in our every day lives? Such as, buying pick and pay green bags instead of using plastic ones every time we shopl; recycling; turning off lights we aren't using; not leaving electrical appliances on standby.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Adam, hello. Your post really strikes a chord and resonates with issues being raised here in the States, in regard to environmentalism. Environmentalists are seen as lone wolves howling in the wilderness. No one is paying any serious attention to the warnings of impending doom. It really is quite a shame.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey Adam, having said what I did in my previous comment,I'll have to say as one of the 'masses' that it is difficult to agree that we that we halt the advancement of technology. It makes life so much easier. Yet these scientific advancements are adding to the degradation of the earth's crust. We really are all to blame. I ask myself what I can do. I don't know, honestly, I don't.