Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's complicated

I am a married man and blissful father to a daughter. But it’s 1:34 am on 30 December 2011 and I am still not in bed. Bloody husband…

I have been watching (naked news) naked truth, a reality documentary by Michael Moore which washed the sleep off my eyes.

I’ve realised that as the world economy navigates a downturn and inequalities threaten the world’s peace with wars of the poorest against the richest, life goes on.

Life goes on as millions die in hunger in Haiti and Somalia even if their situation is no more in the news headline;

Life goes on as millions of children are enslaved in China and DR Congo to make our shoes and feed the hype for new technologies;

Life goes on as thousand of livelihoods are at risk in island such as Mauritius, polluted by intensive exploitation and holidays waste;

Life goes on as defense departments fund billion dollars researches on unman military technologies while international law is lazy to keep the pace;

Life goes on as the world is losing its humanism.

Fahrenheit 9/11 has reminded me why this year, my wife and I have chosen Top TV, an alternative to DSTV; a choice for more user generated content such as Current TV over mainstream media funded content.

Reality of events happening in the world is not as real as painted on TV or by governments. Of cause we all know that. But to realise how far the greed kill nowadays it’s really upsetting.

The year 2011 brought us stories of courage, success and inequalities as ever before.

I would wish that in 2012 you and I have a meaningful life by standing for the truth and justice.

'As complicated and desperate a situation may seem, a good will shall overcome the chains of injustice'

Let kill the greed in us.

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