Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Feel it - Unsatisfied!

Now that millions of people and news agencies are focused on the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, I took time to reflect on what this world cup means for me and how I should see opportunities in years to come.

Nowadays in my thirties, I do recall how we use to watch World Cup matches at home. Mum and my two sisters were fairly summoned by my dad to stay in the kitchen while the boys will be watching television. I remember how many times my mum use to rush to the living room and tell my dad that he was screaming and that we may inconvenience the neighbour. Of cause, my dad will send her back to the kitchen before she comeback again with love. The fact is that the flair and passion for football were in the house. The boys were having nice time.

Having left my country six years ago, I have never dreamed that I would be witness of this tournament in the country of my destination, South Africa. At time the country won the BID until all stadium completed; that was a lesson. We heard hard comments about the lack of ability of Africa and South Africa especially to hold such mega tournament until resilience took over and today, wherever you are in this country you can feel and see the soccer vibe – amazing.

Two days before the kick-off, football lover, I am supposed to be in the vibe. Instead, seating in my office reflecting on the FIFA event, I feel unsatisfied. Unsatisfied of where I am in life, how much I have achieved and how much I am capable but still struggling to find my way.

It is a fact that living in a foreign country is never easy. Naturally, sometimes you get to feel reminded that you don’t belong here and intellectually discounted when you’re apparently originated from Africa’s worst French speaking mismanaged and stateless countries. Nevertheless, alike the story behind South Africa’s FIFA 2010, determination and resilience should overcome challenges and prove ones’ cynic wrong.
So, where - to from here?

I don’t really know. May be it is because I love action, exciting projects and challenges, things that my work load these days do not allow me. I love people and interaction - “street Smart”.

I never lose hope. Life has cycles; I might be entering a new one. It is just a bad feeling to be unsatisfied and can’t seem to know where to looking up to. Almost like living without a goal. I suppose in your thirties one should have goals and strategies clearly defined…Isn’t it? - C’est la vie; Even God prefers to leave unanswered questions on our ways no matter hard we can pray.

Nonetheless, to feel how I feel is one thing I am happy with. The conscience to asking questions to myself about what I want and how much I want to achieve. The conscience to taking lessons behind this African first World Cup and transpose them onto my personal life.

Africa is seen as the poorest of all continents with the worst of geopolitics. Yet, Africa – South Africa will deliver the best of FIFA World Cup ever.

Let our hard work silences negative facts, and our resilience lead us to our best

Feel it…it is here


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

I can relate to what you are saying being a foreigner in this country as well. I suppose it is inevitable that you compare yourself to your peers back home and here also and sometimes one finds oneself lacking in terms of the milestones you've set for your self.

One important lesson I am still learning is that man proses and god disposes, we start out on a journey and even though we want a certain outcome, we can never really tell for sure where the road will take us.

I try very hard to just leave these projections to the one who knows best and who has been in charge of my journey from inception. I believe He will never lead me astray or steer me wrong.

I am learning the true meaning of patience and more often than not, I am surprised, pleasantly so by the outcome of some of my journies.

Smath said...

Hey Adam

Sometimes also one does not realize how far you've come and how much you have grown until you return to the place you've come from. I'm not sure how often you travel back home, but you might feel very different in your situation if you went home and were able to make a comparison.

It's a difficult thing to explain to people. I know it isn't the same thing for you because you've immigrated to a totally different country, but whenever I've been away I feel anxious to get home so that I can achieve or accomplish more, but when I get home it becomes more apparent to me that I was doing those things anyway while I was away.

I don't think that age necessarily plays such a role.