Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My reading of the situation

Girls less likely than boys to be freed from DR Congo’s ranks of child soldiers – UN

12 February 2010 –Despite efforts to end the use of child soldiers in the war-torn east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), youngsters are still being recruited within the ranks of both the rebels and the national army, with girls at particular risk of becoming sex slaves and less likely to be released, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said.

Well, this is a sad reality. However, as a Congolese, I am always chocked but such allegations which never include the Rwandan army as lead by Kagame. Since the genocide, the Tutsi army and it secret militia as always been considered clean of any allegation. Why Tutsi are always considered as victims?

Their strong lobby and tight with the US always put things in their favor. If you asked populations at the East of DRC they will tell you that all armies (DRC and Rwanda) as well as militia do commit rape, and recruite child soldiers.

I would urge that task-teams reports on the situations at the East of DRC start pointing finger to the right people. The situation at the East of DRC has move form the quest of power by Congolese rebellion to Tutsi and Hutu militia attack and extermination. I am worried that the international community action is very slow and complaisant with the actual Rwandan regime which uses the force of a law that it has created to punish and jail all Hutu suspected of Genocide. While I will always condemn human killing such as Genocide, at the same time, after all these years of trials and imprisonment of Hutu citizen of Rwanda, I strongly believe that time has come that Rwandan government start moving into a way of reconciliation with Hutu community. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening soon. With the support of the US and lately France, I see Kagame becoming very arrogant.

Anyway, it will happen again. Hutu and Tutsi rivalry started years ago. Now Tutsi are on power, putting in prison as much Hutu as they can. Actually innocent of thousand of Hutu families can't dare going back in their countries, stuck in impoverished life in DRC, Burundi, Central African Republic and Tanzania...etc.

In all of this, the fragile DR Congo with all its mineral resources has become a weak target for all belligerents and multinationals.

I personally believe that if we don't work for reconciliation and inclusion in the region, history will repeat itself again. Soon as Hutu access power in Burundi, Tutsi in Rwanda will be next and the international community won't do much this time again as much as Hutu as well guaranty the safety of certain foreign investments in the region. That is how the story is written in the region....

I am saddened by victims of this forgotten war. Congolese families, raped men and women who live in tents for more then 5 years with nothing for them self then just what to cover their body and international food aid. Surely, some people don't want this war to end and key players may not be those we often point fingers to.

What to say, DR Congo has been a country of hospitality for all immigrant in the region. Those who are living in tent today for generation were sheltering for those who are keeping them in misery. One can ask - why they have never been such refugee camps at East DR Congo even when all neighbors push out millions of refugees. The answer is simple. It because Congolese families showed Ubuntu and took charge.
I grew up studying with Tutsi and Hutu....but today I wonder if there is one Tutsi in Congolese schools. What I want to say is that, for most of Congolese, Tutsi regime in Rwanda is pulling strings at the East. If it doesn't amend itself, in case history repeat itself, I am persuaded that Tutsi won't be welcome again in DR Congo.

Nonetheless, I do agree that all actors in the Eastern DRC war are to be condemned including the Congolese army and government in legitimate-defense which actions are to be condemned.

As I read it from a book title: "c'est notre tour de manger"..meaning "it's our turn to eat", that's how can be qualified the situation in the region. Sadly this behavior is of a short memory. DR Congo will be stable one day but Rwanda will never be until we stop being bias. Commission of truth and reconciliation alike South Africa is the way to go.

We all know which country has always been a problem in the its president is praised for his achievements to the expense of millions deaths consequence of his army support to successive Congolese rebellion while we keep an eye closed on children and mineral exploitation in DRC which apparently feeds the stability of the Rwandan economy. Of cause, no one want to say that loudly....

For the sake of my relatives at the East of the Congo, I want just peace. Enough of these white elephant UN reports. Population need action and willingness to stop those who are pulling strings...

To say the truth...Congolese are peaceful people who want just to have good time in life. They can't do war but some can and like killing. Also shame to our greedy leaders....

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