Monday, July 23, 2007

Wits Choir performs in Rustenburg...
On Tuesday morning we toured in three schools with the “Spoonproof” a choir from Yale University (USA) and performed together a night concert at the Civic Theater of Rustenburg. We shared value time with them before they left for Cap town the following day while we were on road for a solo tour in three more schools. We have enjoyed each performance. We in Wits Choir believe that we have something special that can give hope and transform lives. Therefore, before children, parents or officials, the choir still gives its best.
The cleavage between white and black is still strong in Rustenburg city. As one can imagine, one of Wits Choir aims when going there was to break barriers and show off how should look the new South Africa. As usually, in such environment we are used to defiant look but once we sing one or two items we can then start to see some facial smiles. Our ending is always the same as we finish our performance with a non-stop applaud of the audience as people look so amazed.
Indeed, singing some items in Tswana, English and Afrikaans did open to us people’s heart in Bafokeng. As at the end of each performance we got surrounded by parents, teachers and scholars who wanted just to present their appreciation. People we don’t know stop us in our way just to tell us that we do quality work. This is inevitably one of the reasons which stick each and every one of us to this choir; this feeling to have impacted on someone’s life.
Wits Choir still have more to offer and finding an efficient producer is our main objective this year. The University management is like telling us that it has many things to care about then a bunch of singers. But what the University doesn’t understand is that Wits Choir is one of its organisations which represent the most the Witwatersrand vision of openness. All other universities choirs are either black or white. Wits Choir is the only choir which has opted for diversity of race and culture. This is its value and its strength. Unfortunately, till now the chancellor and is committee never get it right. I am just scared that as more and more projects and institutions start finding interest in the Choir, we may change soon our name and belong to another cause.

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Susan Arthur said...

It's wonderful that you're part of a diverse group of people. Meeting people from all different countries in WOW 2007 was a learning experience for me, so I'm sure you learn a lot more from this bigger group. Music can really uplifting and moving- please tell me when you will be singing in JHB as I'd really like to hear you!